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Laser Welding Macro

Laser Welding is joining of Metals/Plastic with the help of Laser Heat. Macro Welding refers to Welding with Laser Powers above 500 Watts.

The advantages are: Less Distortion, Narrow Beads, Low HAZ, No Filler Material Used ( most cases), High Speeds & Possibility of Welding Dissimilar Materials.

Magod Laser has a wide variety of Laser Sources and Systems to handle any kind of Laser Welding. Magod Laser uses CO2, Disk, Fiber & Diode Laser Sources ( upto 8 KW) with 5/6 axis CNC Stations & Robots.

Magod Laser has the best Laser Welding Facility in the Country. Magod Laser's in-house Testing Facility includes, Full Fledged Metallurgical Lab, Helium Leak Detector & Dye Penetration Setup.

Magod Laser is a NADCAP Certified Laser Welding Facility.

Applications: Transmission Parts, Aerospace Parts, Sensors, Solenoid Valves, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Auto Components etc. 

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