Magod Laser in Bangalore ( 2 Locations: Jigani & Peenya) & Chennai ( 2 Locations: Ambattur & Sriperumpudur),  India Provides Jobwork Services in Laser Cutting of Sheets & Plates, Laser Cutting of Tubes & Pipes, 5-Axis Laser Cutting of 3D formed Parts, Laser Welding,  Laser Cladding, Laser Drilling, Waterjet Cutting , Die & Mould  repair,  as well as Design & Product  Development Support to Industry.

The Company was started in 1997  with a vision  of making available the latest manufacturing processes to Indian Industry . 

Since then company has grown and are the biggest Laser Cutting service provider in South India.
Magod Laser was also the first to introduce  Water Jet Cutting Service for industrial and architectural purposes in 2002.
Magod Laser has the best Laser Welding facility in India as on date.
We bring added value to our customers by our inputs and feed back on the optimum utilisation of our services
in terms  of design and material planning.

MAGOD LASER is synonymous with application of the Laser Power for industrial operations.
We invite you to test our services. 

Laser world of Photonics

Laser Cutting - Bulk Production

Laser Welding - Auto Parts

Laser Drilling 0.3mm Dia Holes

Laser Cladding-Turbine Shaft

Tailor Blank Welding

Trimming of Auto Parts

Laser Tube Cutting

Laser Welding Micro Components